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Blue Glasses
Clothing and accessories with messages of optimism and encouragement. San Diego family established this micro-business venture for their son with special needs.

Designs by Ja9
Fused glass artist Janine Stillman supports the National Autism Association through the sale of beautiful, dichroic glass puzzle piece jewelry and ornaments.

Downs Designs Dreams
Clothes made for the unique body shapes of people with Down Syndrome. Designed to be comfortable, stylish and easy to get on and off.

3E Love
Clothing and products that raise awareness and empower individuals who use wheelchairs. Its social mission is encapsulated in the company’s trademarked International Symbol of Acceptance(wheelchair heart logo).

Paper Clouds Apparel
Sells sensory-friendly clothing (t-shirts, hats and totes) featuring artwork by individuals with special needs and raises funds for special needs schools and organizations. PCA is also partially owned by an individual with special needs.
Waddell, AZ

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