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Battaglia & Waltari
Special Needs Trust Attorneys
(See listing under Advocacy)

California Department of Social Services (DSS)
Identifies social needs and provides benefits to California residents.

Community Interface Services (CIS) Self Determination
Financial Management Services
Provides education and financial planning so clients have control over an individualized budget for support and services and can determine what services they want and where to get them.
2621 Roosevelt St.

Carlsbad, CA 92008



Den Herder and Associates
Special needs trusts.
10085 Carroll Canyon Rd. #220
SD, 92131

Elizabeth McCoy
Attorney specializing in special needs trusts.
5256 S. Mission Rd. #124
Bonsall, CA 92003

Hendrick Legal Solutions Margaret Ann Hendrick
Provides the best plan for the family to ensure the financial welfare of the child with understanding, compassionate special needs trusts and estate planning. Complimentary consultation, flexible rates and affordable payment options.
2244 Faraday Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008
760-431-0005 office
619-890-9507 cell

Law Office of Michael Pearce Estate Planning Attorney
Helps families plan for the financial future of their children with disabilities and navigate the intricacies of trusts and government assistance.

Law Offices of Steven M. Ratner
Medi-Cal planning and special needs trusts.
11622 El Camino Real #100
SD, 92130

Outreach Consulting Services
Workshops and seminars guide people through the disability benefits process and special needs trust resources to ensure financial stability for families and self-sufficiency for individuals with special needs.

Principal Financial Group
Bill Keesling, Financial Advisor
Financial guidance from a professional and father who understands.
9330 Scranton Rd. #250
SD, 92121

Roy M. Doppelt and Associates, APC
Special needs trust attorney.
16466 Bernardo Center Dr. #260
SD, 92128

San Diego Special Needs Law Center
Philip P. Lindsley, CELA, CLS specializes in estate planning, trust and probate for families with special needs. Works in conjunction with counseling for stress-reduced decision making.
7880 Golfcrest Dr.
SD, 92119

Social Security Administration/Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Helps aged, blind and disabled people who have little or no income. Provides cash to meet basic needs for food, clothing, shelter.
TYY: 800-325-0778

Special Needs Trust Foundation of San Diego
Nonprofit service developed to assist families, establish special needs trusts for loved ones with disabilities and educate families on Social Security and SSI benefits.
12515 Woodside Ave. #1890
Lakeside, CA 92040

Yvette M. Soto Accounting and Income Tax
Professional bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation. Understands the ramifications of receiving public benefits and credits for special needs as the mother of twins with Autism.
3633 Camino Del Rio S. #205
SD, 92108

Zach MacDougall and Stephanie Tsang, North Star Financial Planning
Offers financial services for families and medical professionals to achieve long-term financial goals and family stability.
4445 Eastgate Mall #200
SD, 92121




County of San Diego Children’s Services
Provides adoptive services for foster children of all abilities, foster family licensing, support, education and a foster youth mentor program.

DSEP-Rady Children’s Developmental Screening and Enhancement Program
Developmental/behavioral assessment and screening for foster children up to age 6, and developmental coaching for caregivers.
3665 Kearny Villa Rd. #400
SD, 92123

Koinonia Family Services
Provides foster care and adoption services to children who are dependents of the court and who have special needs. Children with developmental delays and/or other disabilities are placed with certified foster families who receive ongoing support in their care. Also provides adoption services to children with special needs throughout California.
3914 Murphy Canyon Rd. 
SD, 92123

 or 877-244-5374

Walden Family Services – An Adoption and Foster Family Agency
Foster care program for children with disabilities and significant medical needs. Children are placed with specially trained, certified foster families. Additional training and supports are provided for families willing to care for children with special needs.
8525 Gibbs Dr. #100
SD, 92123

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