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AEFCT (Autism Experts Empowering Families and Children Together)(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

Alternative Teaching
Strategy Center
(See listing under Education)

Autism BrainNet
Provides resources and up-to-the-minute info on Autism discoveries through a network of universities focused on the importance of brain donation for future research.

Autism Center of Excellence
Laboratory dedicated to discovering the causes of Autism and developing treatment in children as young as 12 months.
8110 La Jolla Shores Dr. #201
La Jolla, CA 92037

Autism College
Founded by award-winning speaker and author Chantal Sicile-Kira, this online source for information and training on Autism and ASD offers advice for raising children and teens with ASD and invaluable resources for the transition to adulthood.

Autism Interventions and Resources (AIR)
(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

Autism Neighborhood
Online resource that provides people affected by ASD with information and educational materials to help handle the challenges of Autism.

Autism Research Institute
Ongoing research provides resources and advocacy for the diagnosis and treatment of Autism.
4182 Adams Ave.
SD, 92116

Autism Research Journal, Wiley Online Library
Provides articles and journals on Autism.

Autism Society San Diego
Provides information, community resources, support groups, recreational activities and more for individuals with Autism and their families.

4699 Murphy Canyon Rd.
SD, 92123

Autism Tree Project Foundation
Promotes Autism education, research, preschool screening programs, mentor programs and more.
2845 Nimitz Blvd. #C
SD, 92106

Autistically Inclined
(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

Be Involved, Act Now, Cure Autism Inc. (BIANCA)
San Diego nonprofit organization established to provide funds for physical, psychological and occupational therapy for children with Autism in need and to support Autism research and cures.
2226 River Run Dr. #163
SD, 92108

California Association for Behavioral Analysis
(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD)
(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

Centria Autism
(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

Comprehensive Autism Services and Education
(CASE), Inc.
(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

The Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc.
Helps fund organizations that provide services, education, advocacy and recreational opportunities that improve the quality of life for people with Autism.

Interactive Autism Network
Contributes to advancements in understanding and treating ASD through a community resource library, research registry and network.

Mainly Mozart
(See listing under Recreation)

National Autism Center
Provides resources and information nationally.

National Council on Severe Autism
Advocates for policy change and provides service solutions individuals, families and caregivers affected by severe forms of Autism and related disorders.

National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR)
Nonprofit that supports the development, expansion and support of Autism programs and services through family resources, workshops and grants.

Organization for Autism Research (OAR)
Funds pilot studies and targeted research for issues affecting the Autism community. Outcomes offer insight into behavioral and social development, communications, education and vocational challenges. Resources for parents and providers.

People’s Care Autism Services
(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

Positive Action Community Theatre (PACT)
(See listing under Recreation)

Rady Children’s Autism Discovery Institute
Provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and clinical services including behavioral therapy and behavioral consultation, and social skills groups to children with and at risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Multiple locations
858-966-7453 x246115

SDSU Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders
Interdisciplinary group of researchers and clinical scientists focuses on improving lives of children and adults with ASD and related conditions through an extensive research program with a strong lifespan approach and coordinated clinical services.
6363 Alvarado Ct. #200
SD, 92120

Talk About Curing Autism (TACA)
Parent support groups, educational seminars and mentor opportunities for families affected by Autism.

(See listing under Education)

Therapeutic Approach to Growth, Inc.
(See listing under Behavioral and Mental Health)

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