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Provides all three models of Financial Management Services (FMS) as bill-payer, sole-employer, or co-employer in California. Manages the human resources and billing aspects for participants enrolled in the Self-Determination Program.

Empower Person Centered Plans
Sandra McElwee, independent facilitator, helps individuals and families form a person-centered plan as part of their Self-Determination Program through pre-planning assessment, plan gathering, the creation of a written action report, revisions and IPP meeting support.

Person Centered/Driven Planning at The Institute for Effective Education (TIEE) 
Sheryl Bobroff, M.S., LPCC, CRC and Director of Vocational and Adult Services, has over 20 years experience providing services to individuals with disabilities and their families. Her team works with all ages to develop meaningful Person-Centered/Driven Plans utilizing a strengths-based approach, in addition to effective action plans and spending plans.
2255 Camino Del Rio So.
SD, 92108

Self-Determination Supports – ABLT, Inc.
Through person-centered planning, supports individuals in creating a sound financial plan and mentors them to become self-sufficient in life and work, including micro-business plans. Black-owned multicultural agency provides support to individuals from a 
variety of cultural backgrounds.
8825 Aero Dr. #215
SD, 92123

Amanda St. Claire
Helps adults with their self-determination program; also an artist, expressive arts coach 
and educator.
IG: amp_artistproject

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