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The Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego truly needs your support.  The purpose of this nonprofit is to help parents and advocates in the special needs community overcome challenges of the family’s journey by bringing to ether people, information and resources.

We accomplish this by producing an annual parent resource guide for families with special needs, hosting an annual All Inclusive Day of Play & Resource Fair, providing a resource themed speaker series, and presenting an All Inclusive Literacy event.

Parents receive a copy of this FREE printed resource guide at locations such as the San Diego Regional Center, Rady Children’s Hospital and the EFRC and have online access at

Donate with your “whole heart” today and make a difference in San Diego’s special needs community.

Thanks for your support!

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Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego is a nonprofit 501(c)(3). All donations are 100% tax-exempt for federal income tax purposes. Tax ID #46-4543603

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